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Division of Screening Technology

Takahisa Matsuda, Koichi Nagata, Masau Sekiguchi, Hidenori Kanazawa, Ken Takabayashi, Takaaki Yasuda, Hiroshi Matsumoto, Masaki Matsuoka


The Division of Screening Technology works as a part of the Screening Research Group in the Center for Public Health Sciences. The Screening Research Group is divided into two divisions (Division of Screening Assessment and Management/ Division of Screening Technology). The Division of Screening Technology consists of three staff medical doctors and five visiting researchers.

Our team and what we do

In the Division of Screening Technology, we aim to develop new diagnostic techniques that can be applied to cancer screening, as well as research existing diagnostic methods that can be applied to medical examinations. We are also assessing a new close examination method in cancer screening. In addition, we also work on research aiming at risk stratification of people to be screened.

Research activities and Clinical trials

1)We are now ongoing to examine the cancer detection rate of each screening modality (e.g. Chest CT, upper/ lower GI Endoscopy, MMG/ Tomosynthesis and Breast Ultrasonography, FDG-PET, CT-colonography), the characteristics of the detected cancer, and the false positive rate for all medical examiners who underwent cancer screening during 10 years from the establishment of our center in 2004. In addition, we aim to clarify the relationship between cancer screening and cancer death from long-term (prognosis survey) results. We published a total of three papers in this period (related to pulmonary helical CT, PET-CT, relationship between branch-chain amino acid and colorectal adenoma).

2)Oshima Study: Epidemiological research based on colonoscopy interventional colon cancer screening targeting 40 to 79 years old (4,645 people) residing in Izu-Oshima, Tokyo. We aim to register 1,500 people during the recruitment period until the year of 2017. We aim to verify the safety of screening colonoscopy and detection rate of advanced neoplasia (colorectal cancer / advanced adenoma). In addition, sensitivity analysis for colorectal cancer (advanced neoplasia) will be conducted on the standard FOBT (2-day FIT) and the four kinds of new biomarkers using blood sample.

3)In the research on CT colonography (CTC), we are continuing multi-center clinical research in addition to surveys of the actual situation throughout the country. We published four English papers this year.

Future prospects

We will promote screening development research to create evidences.

List of papers published in 2016


1.Sekiguchi M, Igarashi A, Matsuda T, Matsumoto M, Sakamoto T, Nakajima T, Kakugawa Y, Yamamoto S, Saito H, Saito Y. Optimal use of colonoscopy and fecal immunochemical test for population-based colorectal cancer screening: a cost-effectiveness analysis using Japanese data. Jpn J Clin Oncol, 46:116-125, 2016

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