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Proteomic analysis by 2DICAL

About 2DICAL(2-Dimensional Image Converted Analysis of LCMS)

2DICAL analyzed the data of mass-to-charge ratio (m/z), peak intensity, retention time (RT), and each sample generated by liquid chromatography and mass spectrometry as the elemental data. It deployed various two-dimensional images with different combinations of axes using these four elements. From the m/z-RT image, peaks derived from the same peptide in the direction of acquiring time were integrated. By adding algorisms to ensure reproducibility of m/z and RT, the same peak was compared precisely across different samples, and a statistical comparison of identical peaks in different samples led to the discovery of specific differentially expressed peptide peaks.

 Basic image of 2DICAL

 Combining each spectrum generated on retention time (RT), the intensity is plotted in the gray scale mode on the plane with the axes of m/z (mass to charge ratio) and RT.

Basic image of 2DICAL

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