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Proteomic approaches of RPPA to biomarker discovery

 Development of a Reverse-Phase Protein Array Platform (RPPA)

The reverse-phase protein array (RPPA) is an antibody-based proteomic technology ideally suited for profiling both protein expression and post-translational modifications including phosphorylation (1,2) (PDF: 338KB). Its throughput, sensitivity, cost effectiveness and ability to handle miniscule amounts of samples have accelerated the recent evolution of RPPA technology in basic, preclinical and clinical research fields. Possible utilization of the RPPA platform for refining precision medicine includes patient stratification; discovery of therapeutic targets and predictive biomarkers; elucidating the mechanism of drug resistance; and monitoring patient response to treatment. We have generated our in-house RPPA platform in 2010 (3). We have been sharing RPPA-related knowledge and technologies with other laboratories worldwide including the members of the Global RPPA Workshop. In a continued effort to improve and update our in-house RPPA platform, we have been pushing for RPPA application in clinical laboratory testing.


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