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National Cancer Center - IARC Seminar 2

December 14, 2017
National Cancer Center
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The National Cancer Center (NCC), together with the International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), co-organized another seminar on October 2nd. Following greetings by the president, Dr Hitoshi Nakagama, Dr Paul Brennan shared insight into genomics in understanding the causes of cancer, and Dr Ian Cree addressed the future of cancer classification. With authorities of genomics and pathology both at hand, an active discussion ensued, also involving the second venue of the seminar on NCC Kashiwa campus, where the seminar was transmitted live. The meeting was adjourned due to time limitations, leaving some questions unanswered, leaving room for future dialogue.

The NCC, having concluded a comprehensive agreement with IARC earlier this year (press release), looks forward to opening avenues for further collaboration.

  • Doctors Brennan and Cree of IARC, joined by Doctors Nakagama and Ochiai of NCC

  • Dr Ian Cree, Group Head – WHO/IARC Classification of Tumours Series

  • Dr Paul Brennan, Section Head – Genetics, IARC

  • question time