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Hospital East honoured at ESMO

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Hospital East was accredited as an integrated oncology and palliative designated centre at ESMO, European Society for Medical Oncology on 21 October 2018. This certification, received for the first time1 by a hospital from Japan, attests to the high quality of comprehensive palliative care provided to patients and their families. With providing best cancer treatments the world over as its mission, Hospital East is honoured with the certification from ESMO.

1:Japanese hospitals awarded the honour this year : National Cancer Center Hospital East, Chiba Cancer Center, and Mitsubishi Kyoto Hospital.

Hospital East is the first national hospital to have opened a palliative care unit2 . Our comprehensive care consists of palliative medicine outpatient consultations, care at the supportive care center, and palliative care unit. We shall continue to advance our services, towards improving the quality of life for patients and families.

receiving the award
Dr Ohtsu – Director, Hospital East at the award ceremony

2:Palliative care units (PCU) care for patients who require specialist care relieving them from their suffering. This service is provided as an integral part of at home care in the community.