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Japan-China-Korea Cancer Control Workshop

17 September 2020
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The 3rd Japan-China-Korea Cancer Control Workshop was held online on 17 September 2020. Moderated by Dr Tomohiro Matsuda, Head of International Affairs Office, Dr Hitoshi Nakagama, our President opened the occasion. Dr Jie He, President of NCC China, and Dr Eun Sook Lee, President of NCC Korea, joined with their opening remarks. Five researchers made presentations at the workshop, followed by a lively and cordial discussion session. The three countries will continue to promote collaboration in research, advancing cancer control in Asia. A physical meeting is to be hosted by Japan in 2021.


(from left) Drs Kaminota, Matsuda, Nakagama/President
Mano/Director, Research Institute, Suzuki


The three Venues (left: NCC Japan center:NCC China right:NCC Korea)
NCC China (from left):Drs Jiachen Xu, Haitao Zhao, Jie He, Dai Min, Yang Song
NCC Korea (From left):Drs Eun Sook Lee、Yul Hwangbo

  • 柴田龍弘

    Dr Tatsuhiro Shibata
    Chief-Cancer Genomics, NCC Research Institute

  • 葉清隆

    Dr Kiyotaka Yoh, Head Physician-Thoracic
    Oncology, NCC Hospital East