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Signing MOU with the National Cancer Research Institute (UK)

February 21, 2017
National Cancer Center
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The National Cancer Center (President: Dr. Hitoshi Nakagama, Location: Chuo-ku, Tokyo) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the National Cancer Research Institute UK (Location: London, UK), towards implementing and expanding a collaborative relationship.

The UK supports cancer clinical trials in a different way from Japan and the USA. The UK has developed a system to conduct clinical trials in which cancer hospitals in the nation, researchers, and funders work together. The NCRI plays an important role in the system. In the UK, consumers (patients and carers) are frequently involved in protocol development and during clinical trials delivery, thus patient education and patient support are active and extensive.

The National Cancer Research Institute is “a UK-wide partnership between research funders and government agencies coordinating the drive against cancer. (Their) Partners have funded more than £5.5bn of cancer research since 2002, and working together ensures that these funds are used to best effect.” (Quoted from NCRI websiteexternal)

This is a development resulting from the “International Symposium on Cancer Clinical Trials” co-organized with the British Embassy in Tokyo in 2015.
The National Cancer Center looks forward to sharing information on clinical trial systems, and on consumer involvement in research, towards establishing a more dynamic clinical trial system in Japan.

The National Cancer Center has also signed MOUs with other international organizations such as the French National Cancer Center, Massachusetts General Hospital, and US National Cancer Institute, among others, and looks forward to progressively expand international collaborative partnerships in various fields.


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