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Department of Bioinformatics


Research Activity

The missions of our department are 1) to develop new bioinformatics and data-analysis methods necessary for cancer studies, 2) to build new theories for understanding cancer through data analysis and computational approaches, and 3) bioinformatics analysis support for experimental groups in the Center as well as other research institutions.

Cancer research reached a major turning point with the emergence of new high-throughput experimental technologies. High-throughput technologies produce large volumes of data, where bioinformatics plays an essential role in analyzing such “big data of cancer”. It has also generated new fields in which basic research can be directly linked to clinical practice, such as clinical sequencing, a form of precision medicine (personalized genome medicine). Through analysis of the latest data in genomic medicine and genome science, we aim to develop new bioinformatics methods and cancer-biology theories that will serve for understanding and treating cancer. True to our motto of “new science is born from emerging experimental data”, we value collaborative research with experimental researchers and keep grappling with actual data to generate new ideas.