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Research Papers

<2023 Publications>
  1. Tanaka K, Kuzumaki N, Hamada Y, Suda Y, Mori T, Nagumo Y, Narita M.
    Elucidation of the mechanisms of exercise-induced hypoalgesia and pain prolongation due to physical stress and the restriction of movement.
    Neurobiol Pain 2023, 14: 100133.
  2. Tanaka K, Kondo T, Narita M, Muta T, Yoshida S, Sato D, Suda Y, Hamada Y, Tezuka H, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Repeated activation of Trpv1-positive sensory neurons facilitates tumor growth associated with changes in tumor-infiltrating immune cells.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2023, 648: 36-43.
  3. Yoshida S, Hamada Y, Narita M, Sato D, Tanaka K, Mori T, Tezuka H, Suda Y, Tamura H, Aoki K, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Elucidation of the mechanisms underlying tumor aggravation by the activation of stress-related neurons in the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus.
    Mol Brain 2023, 16: 18.
  4. Tanaka K, Kondo T, Narita M, Muta T, Yoshida S, Sato D, Suda Y, Hamada Y, Shimizu T, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Cancer aggravation due to persistent pain signals with the increased expression of pain-related mediators in sensory neurons of tumor-bearing mice.
    Mol Brain 2023, 16: 19.
  5. Mizuguchi T, Miyano K (co-first), Yamauchi R, Yoshida Y, Takahashi H, Yamazaki A, Ono H, Inagaki M, Nonaka M, Uezono Y, Fujii H.
    The first structure-activity relationship study of oxytocin as a positive allosteric modulator for the µ opioid receptor.
    Peptides 2023, 159: 170901.
<2022 Publications>
  1. Gondoh E, Hamada Y, Mori T, Iwazawa Y, Shinohara A, Narita M, Sato D, Tezuka H, Yamauchi T, Tsujimura M, Yoshida S, Tanaka K, Yamashita K, Akatori H, Higashiyama K, Arakawa K, Suda Y, Miyano K, Iseki M, Inada E, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Possible mechanism for improving the endogenous immune system through the blockade of peripheral μ-opioid receptors by treatment with naldemedine.
    Br J Cancer 2022, 127: 1565-1574.
  2. Suzuki H, Mitsunaga S, Ikeda M, Aoyama T, Yoshizawa K, Yamaguchi M, Suzuki M, Narita M, Kawasaki T, Ochiai A.
    Interleukin 6/gp130 axis promotes neural invasion in pancreatic cancer.
    Cancer Med 2022, 11: 5001-5012.
  3. Kobayashi T, Kishimoto S, Watanabe S, Yoshioka Y, Toyoda T, Ogawa K, Watanabe K, Totsuka Y, Wakabayashi K, Miyoshi N.
    Cytotoxic homo- and hetero-dimers of o-toluidine, o-anisidine, and aniline formed by in vitro metabolism.
    Chem Res Toxicol 2022, 35: 1625-1630.
  4. Narita T, Tsunematsu Y, Miyoshi N, Komiya M, Hamoya T, Fujii G, Yoshikawa Y, Sato M, Kawanishi M, Sugimura H, Iwashita Y, Totsuka Y, Terasaki M, Watanabe K, Wakabayashi K, Mutoh M.
    Induction of DNA damage in mouse colorectum by administration of colibactin-producing escherichia coli, isolated from a patient with colorectal cancer.
    In Vivo 2022, 36: 628-634.
  5. Komatsu A, Miyano K, Nakayama D, Mizobuchi Y, Uezono E, Ohshima K, Karasawa Y, Kuroda Y, Nonaka M, Yamaguchi K, Iseki M, Uezono Y, Hayashida M.
    Novel opioid analgesics for the development of transdermal opioid patches that possess morphine-like pharmacological profiles rather than fentanyl: Possible opioid switching alternatives among patch formula.
    Anesth Analg 2022, 134: 1082-1093.
  6. Yamaguchi M, Miyano K, Hirayama S, Karasawa Y, Ohshima K, Uezono E, Komatsu A, Nonaka M, Fujii H, Yamaguchi K, Iseki M, Hayashida M, Uezono Y.
    Evaluation of the intracellular signaling activities of κ-opioid receptor agonists, nalfurafine analogs; focusing on the selectivity of G-protein- and β-arrestin-mediated pathways.
    Molecules 2022, 27: 7065.
<Publications Before 2022 >
  1. Mori T, Takemura Y, Arima T, Iwase Y, Narita M, Miyano K, Hamada Y, Suda Y, Matsuzawa A, Sugita K, Matsumura S, Sasaki S, Yamauchi T, Higashiyama K, Uezono Y, Yamazaki M, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Further investigation of the rapid-onset and short-duration action of the G protein-biased μ-ligand oliceridine.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021, 534: 988-994.
  2. Setsu T, Hamada Y, Oikawa D, Mori T, Ishiuji Y, Sato D, Narita M, Miyazaki S, Furuta E, Suda Y, Sakai H, Ochiya T, Tezuka H, Iseki M, Inada E, Yamanaka A, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Direct evidence that the brain reward system is involved in the control of scratching behaviors induced by acute and chronic itch.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021, 534: 624-631.
  3. Suda Y, Nakashima T, Matsumoto H, Sato D, Nagano S, Mikata H, Yoshida S, Tanaka K, Hamada Y, Kuzumaki N, Narita M.
    Normal aging induces PD-1-enriched exhausted microglia and A1-like reactive astrocytes in the hypothalamus.
    Biochem Biophys Res Commun 2021, 541: 22-29.
  4. Miyano K, Ohbuchi K, Sudo Y, Minami K, Yokoyama T, Yamamoto M, Uzu M, Nonaka M, Shiraishi S, Murata H, Higami T, Uezono Y.
    A novel method for evaluating activity of transient receptor potential channels using a cellular dielectric spectroscopy.
    J Pharmacol Sci 2020, 143: 320-324.
  5. Miyano K, Manabe S, Komatsu A, Fujii Y, Mizobuchi Y, Uezono E, Ohshima K, Nonaka M, Kuroda Y, Narita M, Fujii H, Uezono Y.
    The G protein signal-biased compound TRV130; structures, its site of action and clinical studies.
    Curr Top Med Chem 2020, 20: 2822-2829.