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Analysis of sites of action of Japanese herbal kampo medicine for the treatment of late-stage cancer patients and for reducing side effects caused by chemotherapy

We established novel cancer cachexia animal models, and then undertook molecular and cellular analyses to identify the mechanisms of action of the expected compounds to improve the QOL of patients suffering from cancer cachexia. For instance, we found a Japanese Kampo (traditional Oriental) medicine "rikkunshito" usually administered for the prevention of gastritis, nausea, and vomiting, improved the symptoms of cancer cachexia. In addition to rikkunshito, we analyzed and summarized the action mechanisms of other traditional Japanese Kampo medicines to improve chemotherapy-induced side effects such as pain and allodynia.

We recently demonstrated that rikkunshito prolonged survival in mouse models of human aging by activation of ghrelin signal and subsequent sirtuin 1 signal, the important protein for longevity, suggesting that potentiation of this signal with rikkunshito may be helpful to extend health and lifespan.


Recent publication related to research for kampo medicines

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