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Division of Epigenomics


This Division focuses on carcinogenic mechanisms, and it is especially known for its research in epigenetic mechanisms of carcinogenesis. The Division developed one of the earliest methods for genome-wide screening method for differences in DNA methylation, designated as MS-RDA (Ushijima et al., 1997 , Ushijima, 2005 ). The method was successfully used not only to identify tumor-suppressor genes (Kaneda et al., 2004 ), but also to isolate a prognostic marker that is superior to clinically used ones (Abe et al., 2005 ) and to establish a novel concept of "epigenetic field for cancerization" that can be utilized as a cancer risk marker (Maekita et al., 2006 , Nakajima et al., 2006 , Ushijima, 2007 ).