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Laboratory of Genome Stability Maintenance

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Research Activities

Cancer is developed through multiple times of clonal evolutions of cells abrogated their defense systems. It is recently shown that such clonal evolution is triggered by genomic destabilization with the associated mutagenesis (Matsuno et al., Nature Com 2019). However, it is still unclear how genomic destabilization risk is elevated and how genome stability could be maintained. Here we are studying cellular backgrounds that are associated with genomic destabilization risk and regulations that lead to genome stability maintenance. One of our major aims is cancer prevention through genome-stability maintenance. Since most cancers are developed with genomic instability, many cancers are theoretically preventable by the maintenance of genome stability.

Press Release

5th,September 2019

Replication stress triggers microsatellite destabilization and hypermutation leading to clonal expansion in vitro(linked at Japanese Version)