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Research Summary

  1. PBT as a nonsurgical approach to mucosal melanoma of the head and neck: a pilot study
  2. Phase II study of PBT combined with chemotherapy for inoperable non-small cell lung cancer.
  3. Phase I/II study of dose escalated PBT combined with chemotherapy for esophageal cancer.
  4. Establishment of feasibility and effectiveness of line scanning for localized prostate cancer.
  5. Proton dose distribution measurements using a MOSFET detector with a simple dose-weighted correction method for LET effects.
  6. Radiobiological evaluation of cellular response to PBT.
  7. Radiobiological evaluation of combined effect of chemotherapeutic agents on enhancement of PBT.
  8. Standardization of methods of PBT and quality assurance of PBT among Japanese proton beam facilities.
  9. Establishment of infrastructure for multi-institutional study of PBT for various cancers.
  10. Technical development of intensity modulated proton beam therapy (IMPT)