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From the Director


代表者 島田 和明(中央病院病院長)写真

Kazuaki Shimada MD, PhD.
The Director of the ATLAS project

While we have actively collaborated with Asian partners for international collaborative trials, under this project, we will further strengthen collaboration with ASEAN countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Indonesia and Viet Nam, in particular, that have core cancer research centers. We will contribute to enhancing their research environment necessary to conducting clinical trials and will also provide capacity building programs for the clinical research professionals in the centers participating in this project. Through this initiative, we will build a platform where Japan will lead the international collaborative researches targeting regulatory approval and create a position where Asia as a region will lead the world in drug development eventually.

 More specifically, we will promote cancer genomic medicine while building a platform for constantly conducting multiple international collaborative researches. In addition, we will establish a robust research network through conducting multiple translational researches and expanding the MASTER KEY project to the participating countries, which is a platform study of the treatment development for rare cancers.

For the success of the ATLAS project, it is indispensable to cooperate closely with multiple stakeholders, including public sectors, pharmaceutical companies, patient advocates. We would appreciate in advance your continued support.

Kazuaki Shimada,
Director - NCC Hospital